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A one stop full-stack agile development agency for hire

We offer services across
all development needs

From consulting teams on agile practices to full service development

We train development teams in scalable Agile software practices and will be there step by step to guide them through the process

Software Architecture

We'll produce a full plan for your software ideas. From concept to release to maintenance, we provide a road map for your agile team to follow

Design & Development

Let's us handle the development, we'll take on all the responsibility. You tell us what you need and we will deliver a ready to use solution

Customized plan to fit your budget

Software doesn't have to be expensive or stressful. Our goal is to provide a professional, efficient and cost effective solution that fits your needs.
Pay for the services you need

One solution does not fit all. We offer a wide range of services and cater our agreements to your needs and budget.

Two week release cycles

Software is only valuable when its being used, with two week release cycles we keep your product in the market, morphing it to your customers needs regularly.

Analyze user interaction and pivot

There is no need to guess what your users need, with analytics we can see what works and what doesn't, pivoting your software when needed to keep your users happy.


Week one is spent if full development of new features.


The last two days are dedicated to releasing the product and preparing the next sprint


Week two is spent testing and refactoring; cleaning and minimizing where possible


Analytics watches how your customers interact with the software, allowing us to adjust the software quickly to meet your customers needs.


Two week release cycles

Build, Test, Release, Analyze, Repeat.

A two week release cycle allows us to adjust features as needed to keep the software fresh and friendly for your users.

Analytics driven development

Users are the best testers, by observing their usage we can remove the frustrations and provide better experiences.
  • Feature Usage

    Determine which features are used and which are in the way, combine similar and fix the hard to use. Feature improvements will keep your users coming back.

  • Speed Improvements

    Where are the bottlenecks? Observing internal analytics shows us where speed issues exist and allows us to prevent breakdowns before they happen.

  • Machine Learning / AI

    Once the application has gathered enough data, we use machine learning for constant analytic assessment. Helping to increase the speed of development.

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